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03/07/23 - Recently Awarded Project: Wesleyan University Science Building

Recently Awarded WU

Wesleyan University's campus is anticipating the addition of a new science building, expected to be completed in 2025. In collaboration with Payette Architects and FIP Construction, New England Lab will provide the laboratory furniture. The new building "aims to be physically accessible, make scientific work feel inviting, and create common spaces where all students feel welcome to study."

Blocks of adjoining labs will feature Mott NovaGuard™ Fume Hoods, stainless steel casework, and adaptable Optima™ style benches. NEL will provide phenolic work surfaces and shelving to be installed along the custom casework and furniture systems. 

The new building will replace the University's Hall-Atwater Laboratory building. New England Lab is proud to collaborate with Payette and FIP in furthering WU's mission to increase inclusivity and accessibility for students studying in STEM fields. 


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