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08/30/19 - Recently Awarded Project: NCSU College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Plant Sciences Building

12641 NCSU Plant Sciences Building

As the world continues to face major challenges with agriculture, such as hunger and resource depletion, the North Carolina State University Plant Science Initiatives is transforming these issues into opportunities through research and education.

The new 184,000 sq.ft. Plant Sciences Building will connect interdisciplinary academic studies, government, and the industry experts to cultivate new crop varieties, actively extend growing seasons and more. Partnering with Flad Architects and DPR Construction, New England Lab was selected to provide flexible lab solutions for this community collaboration.

Pre-wired and pre-plumbed Optima Series freestanding bench systems and matching fixed bench systems will be furnished throughout the project, especially in the Open Lab spaces.

With a majority of the experiments focused on plant growth, soil, effects of pesticides and tissue cultures, painted steel casework with phenolic resin door/drawer fronts were chosen to meet the durability requirements of this type of setting.

Since the Greenhouse will be a high moisture environment, resistant stainless steel products and scullery sinks are going to be used.

Additional equipment such as high performance fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, autoclaves and glassware washers enable the researchers to conduct their experiments in a safe and clean environment

We are thankful for the opportunity to help NCSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences mission by providing furniture where their experiments will “solve grand challenges to ensure a healthy, well-fed world” (as stated in their prospectus).

Take Flad Architect’s Virtual Tour of the Academic Facility at

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