Top 10 Most Scenic Labs

by New England Lab

Some of the labs that we work on have incredible views! Compiled below are our favorite scenic laboratories. Imagine yourself working in these labs, what’s your favorite lab setting? Did your lab make the list?

#10 UMASS Boston University Hall

These labs look out over the Boston Harbor Islands. We might be dreaming about sandy beaches scattered with smooth colorful sea glass as we wash our lab glassware in this ADA compliant lab sink. Photograph by Rand Weyler; New England Lab

UMASSB-10_v2 crop_mark

#9 UMASS Amherst Physical Sciences Building

This lab looks out to the completely reconstructed 1880’s West Experiment Station building that was dismantled brick by brick and relocated and reconstructed as part of this new lab project. We love the historical visual of “laboratories past” out the window, with the furniture of “laboratories present” in the foreground. Photograph by Rand Weyler; New England Lab

UMASSPSB-05_ve1 crop_mark


#8 Wentworth Institute of Technology Center for Engineering, Innovation & Sciences

A pleasant Autumn day can be seen outside from this lab, in fact, it can also be seen through the fume hood glass on our RFV2 glass-backed, glass-sided, and glass-baffle fume hoods! When it comes to a good scenic view, we want to make sure it can be seen. Photograph by Rand Weyler; New England Lab

Wentworth-03_v3 crop_mark


#7 Johnson C. Smith University Science Center

We love this unique cider-stained maple teaching lab, especially the scenic fluffy clouds and a watercolor-like feel of the brick architecture outside the window. Photograph by Joel Lassiter; Lassiter Photography

JCSULabs_8965 crop_mark


#6 Vertex Pharmaceuticals Fan Pier

With a spectacular ocean view to stare at, we have our doubts if any work actually gets done in these extra-large horizontal sash fume hoods.  Rumor has it that new construction has since blocked some of their ocean view. Let’s hope they can still catch some glimpses of Boston’s peaceful harbor. Photograph by Rand Weyler; New England Lab

Vertex14-07b crop_mark


#5 Yale New Haven Hospital

We love how the brick colors outside provide a strong contrast against the white lab furniture inside, and how the furniture mimics the cityscape. Photograph by Rand Weyler; New England Lab

DSC_0056 crop_mark

#4 Alexandria Real Estate Equities Science Hotel

The Boston skyline is amazing from this Cambridge startup laboratory space, and while we don’t recommend working at night it may be even more spectacular after dark. Photograph by Lynne Damianos; Damianos Photography

202177-05-06 crop_mark

#3 Kowa CICS

This lab on the 17th floor has a commanding view over Boston. With windows almost to the floor, this high rise laboratory is no place for researchers that are afraid of heights. Photograph by Rand Weyler; New England Lab


#2 Casco Bay High School Science Lab

This maple mobile cabinet gets a snow dusted background to make the number two spot on our scenic lab photo list. The reclaimed brick wall looks great too! Photograph by Rand Weyler; New England Lab

CascoBay-03_v2 crop_mark


#1 Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute

The combination of quality maple lab furniture, a breathtaking cloudy blue sky and a stereotypical fishing vessel in Gloucester Harbor make up the “perfect storm” of ingredients to take the number one spot on our list of most scenic laboratories! Photograph by Jeremiah Sweet; New England Lab

GMGI-10 crop_mark