The First Flexible Biosafety Cabinet: Introducing the Labconco Axiom C1

by Rand Weyler

304-_Axiom_with_Duct_Small-208058-edited.jpgLabconco has a ninety-plus year history of providing great products to the market and it’s no surprise that they have pioneered a new class in biohazard protection. This Class II C1* Axiom Biosafety Cabinet is the best biosafety cabinet option on the market, and here are five reasons why:

 1) It’s the most flexible. The Axiom Biosafety Cabinet can be run in an A mode (recirculating air) or a B mode (exhausting air). Once this C1 unit is purchased, you can choose to set it up with or without an exhaust connection and select the MyLogicTM operating mode to match. Let’s say that you initially want it to be recirculating air since no hazardous chemicals are present, but six months later you decide to move it to another lab (with exhaust) to allow for chemical usage. Simply connect the duct and make a setting change to B mode in the MyLogicTM system and you are now protected from hazardous fumes! It’s the only biosafety cabinet you will ever need!


2) It’s the safest. When using chemicals, B1 biosafety cabinets save energy by recirculating a portion of the air.  That relies on an invisible split of airflow somewhere between the front and back of the work surface. No one really knows where that split is, and some part of the interior sends chemical fumes outside while other areas recirculate inside the cabinet. (This air split is represented by the purple color in the image below.)  With a C1 Axiom cabinet in B mode, the air split is well defined with a visible dished area in the worktop called the Chem-ZoneTM work surface. BSC_work_surfaces_Comparisons.jpgThere is a clear delineation of clean work, chemical work, and dirty work from one side of the space to the other. Additionally, the Active Protection Protocol keeps the internal blowers running in the event of a failure to the building mechanical system. The blower runtime can be programmed from 0-300 seconds to push hazards out and give extra time for users to properly put things away and safely shut the sash. (The time can be set to zero if the failure condition is actually safer than putting the ductwork under positive pressure.)

3) It’s the most energy efficient. Okay, to be fair, it has similar energy efficiencies as other B1 cabinets (when run in B mode), but because the fixed-location Chem-ZoneTM work surface is so visually defined and robust, you get the clean air results of a B2. It’s as safe as a B2 total exhaust, but uses recirculating air, making the C1* Axiom the most energy efficient solution for a chemical use biosafety cabinet.

4) It’s the most ergonomic. We already discussed the work surface Chem-ZoneTM that organizes the workspace for good work habits, but this biosafety cabinet can also be set up with an 8” or 10” operating sash height! Add to that a sloped front, 27” viewing height, eye-level color LCD information center, and a patented waterfall forearm support airfoil and you have the most comfortable workspace in a biosafety cabinet that you’ll find anywhere.

5) It’s affordable. Priced lower than a B2 (total exhaust) cabinet and only slightly higher than an A cabinet, the pricing on this flexible biosafety cabinet is worth every penny. Outfit your whole facility with C1* cabinets and decide what exhaust mode you want, whenever you want. The Axiom can take care of everything!

There are other great features and reasons to own the Axiom that I couldn’t fit in this article. Visit our website and download the full brochure, or contact a New England Lab representative now about this exciting new Labconco product!

* The new C1 designation is pending NSF definition.