A 65% Larger Class II Enclosure Uniquely Designed for Lab Instrumentation

by Dave Wasescha | Biosafety Cabinet Product Manager, Labconco

Go big on biosafety with the Labconco Logic Vue!


As the automation of laboratory instrumentation continues to grow exponentially, Labconco unveils a timely advancement for biological safety. The new Logic® Vue Class II Enclosure is designed to increase the safety and convenience of large benchtop equipment such as liquid handlers and cell sorters. 

The Logic Vue protects laboratory instruments and sensitive samples from contamination, while protecting scientists and their lab environment from potential aerosolized biological hazards. The Logic Vue’s spacious interior provides 42” of height and 31” of useable depth to accommodate a wide variety of benchtop equipment, with maximum visibility from all sides.

Safety is at the core of the Logic Vue. Its HEPA filters trap 99.99% or more of particles 0.3 microns in size. It provides ISO 5 or better air in its interior and eliminates biohazardous materials in its exhaust, meeting NSF 49 requirements for personnel, product, and cross-contamination protection.

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Unimpeded access to instruments is necessary for loading, unloading, daily use, and servicing. Sash openings on both sides of the Logic Vue provide an 8” working height with unobstructed access to the entire work surface, ensuring users can work safely and ergonomically with any equipment placed into the Logic Vue. To maximize convenience, the Logic Vue features a ruggedly reinforced SpillStopper™ work surface, 16 cord and cable pass-throughs, an Ergotron™-compatible computer mounting point, and optional Access Port.

It all works with the intuitive interface and familiar reliability of the same MyLogic OS that laboratories already trust with their biological safety. A bright LCD screen displays MyLogic OS, an easy-to-use interface that displays filter life, alerts, and alarms that notify users of changing conditions within the enclosure. Behind the scenes, the Logic Vue’s control system utilizes Constant Airflow Profile (CAP™) Technology to continuously monitor and adjust enclosure airflow to keep users safe as conditions change.

See how it works!

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