special event

The showroom and product training center were designed especially for special events. The large space directly upstairs from the showroom can be set up classroom style, auditorium style, conference table style, or set up for dining. The removable wall can be used to divide the space if needed. A kitchen on each floor gives caterers enough space to provide hot food for guests wherever they might be located during the event. The showroom and its lobby area, coat room, and “Synergy” conference room can all be utilized to provide a proper guest experience for your particular event. We can even extend the event space into our manufacturing facility if needed. This is perfect for industry related events such as chapter meetings, company training meetings, or just get-together networking events.  Use our cable TV and five big screen TV’s to catch a sporting event while leaning on a flexible lab bench, or have a drink while discussing the benefits of the media ceiling. Events can be held for up to 150 people depending on the timing and usage of the space. Contact us with the event ideas you have, and if it’s industry related, we can likely waive the rental fees.

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